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3mm Birch Faced Poplar Plywood – B/BB



3mm thick poplar plywood with B/BB grade birch plywood veneer on each side

B/BB grade

On one side you should expect the grade shows the natural look of the wood. There will be changes in colour that show the grain pattern. Sound, smooth knots are allowed and these will typically be under 15mm to 35mm in diameter (depending on the countries grading rules). The surface should normally be free from open knots and plugs. The material should be suitable for paint / stain or a lacquered finish.

On the other side it should be similar to B grade material, though knots would typically not exceed 7mm to 8mm in diameter. It shows the natural look of the wood and will show natural colour variations, it may also have repairs (plugs) on the surface described as ‘oval’ or ‘butterfly’ dependant on manufacturer


The manufacturing tolerance for the thickness of birch plywood sheets are the stated thickness +/- 0.3mm – 0.4mm

Please allow 1/2mm tolerance due to cutting


As plywood is a natural wood it can warp and twist this is due to humidity levels and airborne moisture, if using on a laser cutter we recommend taping/strapping to the laser bed before cutting

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1000x600mm, 300x300mm, 300x500mm, 400x300mm, 400x400mm, 500x280mm, 600x300mm, 600x400mm, 605x605mm, A3, A4, A5, A6, Sample

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