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What is Laser Cleaner Pro?

Laser Cleaner Pro is a specialist cleaner designed and made by Cut and Build, it is the only type of cleaner out there made specifically for laser machines. It can be used on almost all parts of the machine except the running’s and electricals. Also available is accessories that can be used with the cleaner or get it all in one with our start kit. Suitable for all makes and models, for cleaning instructions please read below

How to use Laser Cleaner Pro

Preparing the laser machine

1 : Shut down and unplug your laser machine.
2 : Sweep down as much dust from machine as possible; using a small handheld brush or vacuum

Preparing the solution

1 : Always protect your skin when using any sort of cleaning product – We recommend our latex gloves.
2 : Mix your solution – As this is a highly concentrated product we recommend a ratio of 50:1 (50 part waters :1 part Laser Pro Cleaner). Mix the solution into a trigger spray plastic bottle – this is easiest using a funnel. For tough stains / dirt we recommend a more concentrated solutions of 10:1 (10 parts water :1 part Laser Pro Cleaner)

Cleaning the machine

1 : Remove the bed bars from the machine. We recommend laying the bars on a large piece or cardboard to protect the bars and floor.
2 : Using the trigger bottle spray the cleaner across the bars and leave to soak, for tough stains / dirt we recommend you leave for upto 30 minutes
3 : Wipe of the cleaner using a scourer – repeatedly rinse and wiping.
4 : Clean the sidebars – For everyday dirt and dust, simply spray and wipe. For a heavy build up scrub with a scourer

Before and After
Before and After